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Bad bed side Manors

July 6th, 2015 - Char

Doctors are supposed to be in the line of work of helping people. There are many doctors today that do not have the patients’ best interest at heart. It may even appear that they are not even in the business to heal, but to make a buck. A good indication of whether or not a doctor is genuinely concerned for you, as a person, is whether or not he has good bedside manners

Is he or she curt? Do they seem to not listen to you or your concerns? Are they condescending? Do they speak to you abruptly and act like you are putting them out, or wasting their time? If so, this is considered, bad bedside manners. Not all poor treatment can be attributed to a rough-around-the-edges personality.

With doctors, the majority of their poor attitude and bad personality is directly related to having bad bedside manners. This can make a patient feel uncomfortable and nervous. It can make a patient feel as though their medical problem is insignificant, or trivial. This is an awful feeling to have. I don’t think having excellent clinical skills excuses poor bedside manner! Furthermore, if the doctor is disrespectful, it may discourage patients from seeking medical assistance altogether.

A process of “dehumanization” often lies behind an unfortunate patient-doctor rapport. Dehumanization may occur due to psychological demands placed on practitioners, and from ongoing advances in technology as well. Problems are often solved and issues are fixed without recognizing the patient’s feelings. Sometimes the relationship is so difficult that neither the doctor nor patient is satisfied with it.

Having bad bedside manners can have terrible repercussions. If the doctor seems disinterested in what you are telling him, there are greater chances of him missing something that you said. If he seems put-out or preoccupied, the patient might be more likely to leave out pertinent information. If the doctor is rude and abrupt, the patient may not want to continue getting medical treatment from him or her, and they may avoid going to any other doctor as well.

So often, doctors who behave this way do so because they want to make it a problem with you, not a problem with their own inability to find answers. Such is the practice of an arrogant doctor, one who thinks he is never wrong or incapable. It is not unheard of that doctors will “fire” you or brand you a “problem” so no other will take you in their office and you may be left without a doctor.


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