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I was a sickly child

May 17th, 2015 - Char

My body has failed me again. This time because I was a sickly, ill feed child. My mom admits it. She said that “I was sick every other weekend” and that all I had to do is enter a room with someone sick and I got it. Apparently I was so skinny that DCF was called several times when I was young. My under-nutrition caused me to have very poor immune system and rail thin body, with very skinny or narrow blood and urethra vessels.

I cannot form a Himodialysis Fistula, an access site with a large volume of blood. On Monday the 11th of May, my Vascular Surgeon tried to form one, but it failed within hours due to my veins being too small. He used the only site that might work, in my dominant upper-arm. He said we will have to explore other options like a leg vein graft or artificial graft, or catheter. I sure have endured a fair amount of pain in the last few weeks, thru several procedures without positive results.

Approximately 3 out of 10 people on the national waiting list are sensitized, with numbers over 80% on the Panel Reactive Antibody Test. My PRA is 87%, meaning that only one in 100,000 persons will be a match. You can develop high PRA’s from a blood transfusion, an earlier transplant, or from being pregnant with child with a differing blood type, but I have had none of these. The theory is that I am high in antibodies because I was sick all the time as a child; I mean that I can’t wear contacts because I am allergic to my own protein build-up.

I am what you call a “Sensitized” patient and it is a big obstacle to transplantation. Being sick all the time as a child has caused me to have really strong antibodies. I will be waiting for a kidney three to four times longer than unsensitized patients for a compatible donor. Its beginning to look like my only hope is a live or paired exchange donor. In a live or paired exchange donor, I will be able to time things properly and have the largest pool of donors to match. Will you donate me your Spare Kidney?


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